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Women want real sex Starr

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By looking at the bare-faced woman smiling back at me from her screen, I would have never guessed Women want real sex Starr adult film star was her occupation. With nothing but mascara and a natural glow from kickboxing class in terms of makeup, Rachel Starr was nearly unrecognizable as we Skyped.

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The year-old Texas girl pictured above who started off as an exotic dancer wany Freeport, LA, has become a household name in the industry since getting discovered in a strip club and shooting her very first scene in Constantly laughing in between discussions about weekend plans and her life as a porn star, Rachel seemed like just an ordinary person.

But in reality, Rachel is a family Women want real sex Starr, a girlfriend, an animal-lover, and a coach off screen.

She provides women all over the world with career, moral, and emotional support via private Facebook groups. Not just for me, but for all porn stars because some of these porn stars are involved in some of the most amazing things you could ever imagine.

One of my really close Women want real sex Starr, he was a porn star for 12 years, and when he retired, he decided to go back to school full-time, get his masters, and now he works for NASA.

wanf Though Rachel personally feels empowered as a porn star, being able to own her sexuality and celebrate it on her terms, she also understands the opposing side. But listen, if porn was good for everybody, then everybody would do it.

Rachel continued to share how far women have come in terms of embracing their sexuality and curiosities rather than being embarrassed. And of course, I had to ask about what exactly goes on behind the scenes. You have all these checkpoints that you have to go through before you can even get in.

Despite the sexual nature of their roles, porn stars are actors at the end of the day. Rachel shared how the job requires dealing with many different personalities on set from introverted to extroverted.

They want to know their lines, their script, to a T, so they literally put on earphones. They just want to know their lines. This has to be a big deal. Wimen

You would never know. Think of it as an internal blacklist for every individual.

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You get to live out these fantasies. As of recently, companies have also started to wanf a brand of lube called Spunk, which is supposed to appear exactly what like its name suggests.

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But things are more authentic as far as video goes. In fact, Rachel shared times when filming was almost unbearable. It is so strong, it can pick up when the AC or the heater turns on and off.

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And it takes hours to shoot one of these things. Another downfall to the job includes constantly being homesick.

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If any issues arise, the two are great about open communication. As wang year veteran, Rachel averages between 20 and 30 films annually, but her numbers are definitely on the lower end.

Most people are still in the process of building their brand and film upwards of 60 to 70 films per year. To really get their name out there, some even film to But in addition to films, the job also requires touring and Women want real sex Starr to maintain waht personal brands.

Because gonzos are only about 10 minutes in duration, they only take a full day to shoot, whereas feature films are more like a Sharr and require several days of production complete with built sets and costumes.

They require longer scripts and more of a developed plot compared to a gonzo.

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Only about 25 percent of women can climax from penetration alone, and that includes porn stars. And if she could have a heightened experience in the fourth minute of that five minutes, that would be Wmen. Share on Facebook.

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