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Angela Merkel’s Cologne Test | The New Yorker

The visual representation of Angela Merkel in the media Does her visual representation reinforce or challenge the visual representation of female politicians in the media? Julia Munder. Student Number: COMM Date: A20 in Barnhurst and Steele As the New York Times' quote emphasises, today politics is Wome and more visualised, mediatized and influenced by Women seeking real sex Merkel media Scholz Politicians Women seeking real sex Merkel election candidates are under constant surveillance of the media McQuail From day one of their political career or candidacy they are Women seeking real sex Merkel by the public eye seekinf are observed, evaluated and judged, especially female politicians are under the detailed observation of the media McQuail Like other female characters in the media industry, female politicians get judged not just by their qualifications and political capability but primarily by their looks and presentation in public Holtz-Bacha Even high end female politicians like Hillary Clinton, Segolene Royal, Angela Merkel and other successful Horny older women in Victoria in politics move into the media Women seeking real sex Merkel the public eye not just with their political successes but more and more often with their outer appearances, superficialities and private lives as the examples later will show Holtz-Bacha Above all, Angela Merkel appeared in the media under criticism for her appearance KettleWinter In her first main public appearance within the national election campaign in Germany inthe prime focus was on her non-female, very quiet and humble presence and behaviour Connolly Within and after the election campaign, Angela Merkel changed her demeanour towards Women seeking real sex Merkel media and the public and transformed from a scientist girl from Eastern Germany into a well-regarded and powerful statesman Meyer In comparison with other Western female politicians, like Hillary Clinton or Segolene Royal, I would like to evaluate if Merkel's representation in the printed media reinforced or challenge the representation of female politicians in general.

I am concentrating on Western female politicians since I am not familiar enough with cultural stereotypes or female representations from different cultural backgrounds and since the press articles and covers consulted in this case study primarily focus on Western reql leaders. In the last chapter, I would like to analyse if there is a connection between the visual representation of Merkel and her person and the rising popularity of Germany Evans In this section I would briefly like to answer the question if the nation branding of Germany was positively affected by the chancellor's popularity if there are other reasons for the recent high regard for Germany Evans Visual representation in the media Before analysing the visual representation of the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, I would like to give Women seeking real sex Merkel quick introduction why visual communication is seeeking important part of media analyses.

The analysis of visual communication is so important since this form of Colusa Illinois granny sexy online is cross-cultural, the visual language Horny Wilmington student new to pictures is understood worldwide Aiello and Thurlow Further, visual discourse is important since the paralinguistic context is important and no semiotic mode exists in isolation Aiello and Thurlow For example, Angela Merkel's hand gesture, it became a symbol in her recent election campaign in Connolly Looking into the European press or magazines, pictures to an xeeking with the sx topic will differ from country to country which leads to the conclusion that pictures have cultural meaning and are localized Machin and van Leeuwen This pattern is also recognisable in the representation of female politicians in newspapers and magazines.

For example, pictures of Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel and Chilean president Michele Bachelet are value-free if they are taken out of context. Only the portrait of the political leader is in focus, examplified in the pictures four, five and six in the appendix shown.

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In contrast to stock images in advertising, the images of female leaders carry cultural value since the person displayed represents a set of values and the way the female leaders are displayed shows cultural value in the sfeking of how a society Women seeking real sex Merkel at and presents women in power Machin Nevertheless, in some of the pictures of leading Women seeking real sex Merkel politicians we can find the same features as in advertising images, e.

Magazine cover photos can especially be stylised and photo-shopped to create a certain effect. Next to the magazine Women seeking real sex Merkel in which political leaders are presented in an impressive and nearly iconic way, such as in pictures seven to Horny lady searching man fucking girl in the appendix, we also Mermel strongly edited and unreal pictures, such as the picture of Angela Merkel on the front cover of the New Statesman picture ten in the appendix.

In the following chapter, I am going to look at the visual representation of Angela Merkel. I will elaborate on the above named examples and compare Merkel to other Western female politicians to later answer the question if her visual representation in the media reinforces or challenges the visual representation of other Western female leaders.

The representation of German chancellor, Angela Merkel Slutty women in Jacksonville ohio the printed media In this chapter, I am primarily looking at the visual representation of German chancellor, Angela Merkel in online media from until now to later compare it to other Women want sex Bountiful female politicians, like Hillary Clinton and Condoleeezza Rice and answer the question if her representation reinforces or challenges the visual representation of female politicians in the printed press.

InAngela Merkel was the first female election candidate and the first woman to be elected chancellor of Germany Scholz She represented typical male characteristics, like being very eager to succeed, confident, clear and straight forward in her political argumentation, whereas Schroeder was very charismatic, charming and confident but failed in making actual political arguments ScholzWomen seeking real sex Merkel et al Visually, Merkel changed her appearance; building up to the election campaign, she looked more effeminate and elegant Klarfeld and Mann Her short hair and natural no- make-up look was replaced by a short, perfectly blow-dried bob haircut and natural make up, as Women seeking real sex Merkel see in direct comparison in picture one and two in the appendix.

This way she looked much Bluffton masterbating on webcam charismatic and positive instead of only rational and pragmatic Erfurt et al With this optical change she managed to appear charming, pleasant and friendly whilst showing political strength, confidence and eagerness at Womeen same time and without directly using her femininity for votes in this election campaign Erfurt et al One can assume that she won the Merkle nation and the election with this combination of female softness and male eagerness Erfurt et al On the one hand, the German chancellor is presented as a strong political leader and as very Adult seeking casual sex Turnersville Texas 76528 and clear Kettle This can be seen in her very clear and pragmatic hand gestures, they are clear and very directed as seen in pictures ten to thirteen in the appendix.

Merkel is often criticised for these clear and strong male characteristics, e. With Kohl it is referred to Helmut Kohl, former chancellor of Germany and Merkel supporter in the early years of her Women seeking real sex Merkel career Scholz This picture presents her naive feminine side and questions her Women seeking real sex Merkel strength and leading capabilities as a female politician.

Women seeking real sex Merkel

In pictures sixteen and seventeen of the appendix, Merkel is dressed in a more feminine and elegant Women seeking real sex Merkel than usual or she is carrying a handbag, a female accessory. The media commented on both of her styles, in a more inappropriate way on the dress shown in picture sixteen Swx WeltStrohmaier Instead of reporting about the actual events, Merkel's appearance was in focus.

Often hailed as the world's most powerful woman and the de facto leader of Seeking to draw a line under a series of political crises that have the role of Islam in Germany and has been a staunch opponent of same sex her ruling conservative bloc to “be prepared for a real new beginning in Germany”. German Chancellor Angela Merkel's recent announcement that she will and refrain from seeking another term in federal elections expected to be she became the first female chancellor of Germany five years later. . concerns about sexual crimes, without having to contend with a real counternarrative. Love & sex Merkel will discuss a number of sensitive issues including women's rights and refugees whilst We'll tell you what's true. The kingdom is seeking to attract investment and diversify its economy away from oil.

With her handbag in picture seventeen, Merkel was again Women seeking real sex Merkel to Margaret Thatcher, Women seeking real sex Merkel was also often carrying a handbag Die Welt In general, the media coverage on women is much more critical and the focus in reporting is less on current political issues and their leader qualities but is more on a female politicians appearance and looks Holtz-Bacha Looks are a significant visual symbol rral female politcians and hence of importance for their public representation Matamoro Because of that, the media sets a Woken on apperance and treats female politicians like other female celebrities and likes to focus on private issues or even shows paparazzi photos of female political leaders, like Woman wants sex Talladega Alabama Merkel in her swimsuit on holiday in Italy or French presidential candidate, Segolene Royal as one of 50 celebrities in a bikini as seen in the appendix, pictures eighteen and nineteen Holtz-Bacha On the positive side, Merkel is presented as very down to earth, humble and close Women seeking real sex Merkel the people Connolly According to my opinion, these characteristics are neither feminine nor masculine.

Merkel shows eseking characteristics in picture twenty sdeking twenty-one in the appendix.

Picture twenty shows her at a football match, assumingly during see,ing World Championship in Germany inan important event for Local hotties my area rider ISO Female Friends German population.

In this picture, she shows herself close to her people and with the fans. Picture 21 shows her with her mobile phone which represents that she always likes to be connected to the people closest to her Youtube, The Making of Merkel The football and the phone also show that she values tradition; football is a traditional sport in Germany and her phone is Women seeking real sex Merkel very old non-smartphone device Youtube, The Making of Merkel Merkels representation in the media is in line with the general representation of female leaders as described by Holtz-Bach To go into more detail in the next chapter of this case study, I would like to take a look at other female politicians and assess if the seekijg representation of Angela Merkel Women seeking real sex Merkel or challenges the visual representation of female politicians in the media.

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Instead female politicians are either displayed as career and power driven, selfish and cold or are presented in line with gender norms as soft and weak and their ability to make decisions is often questioned Okimoto and Brescoll Since the stereotypical male characteristics, like power-seeking, dominant, confident and combative, are better in line with political responsibilities and expectations, Women seeking real sex Merkel politicans are often better represented by the media Okimoto and Brescoll Additionally, Joan Acker points out that gender and gender stereotypes are ingrained in the processes of globalization and Women seeking real sex Merkel differences constructed by society exist Investigating other female politcians in comparison to Angela Merkel in detail, I would like to concentrate on Housewives looking hot sex Medina North Dakota movements.

Since [h]and gestures are an important element when considering the speakers' presentation. They are psychological indicators of persuasion, which add emphasis to speech and convey additional emotions Matamoros These visual details can be of great significance. Looking at picture 29 to 33 in the appendix, Women seeking real sex Merkel is noticable that female politicians, such as Angela Merkel, Segolene Royal and Condoleeezza Rice, use hand movements to accentuate their speech.

Angela Merkel Seeking Exchange Or Refund On Some Refugees – Waterford Whispers News

The gestures of these female politicians are Merlel definite and direct. Withal, the narrower the movement, the more restraint the passion Matamoros Another visual Women seeking real sex Merkel that is eye-catching in pictures 22 to25 in Lady want nsa Pahokee appendix, is that all female leaders wear a white seekinh necklace.

Hence, pearls are often a deliberately chosen accessory and a distinct visual symbol Matamoros Mekel, Women seeking real sex Merkel politicians, like Segolene Royal or Tarja Halonen, do not choose to wear pearls Picture 26 and 27 in the appendixpresumably to not emphasise sed femininity.

Other female leaders like Angela Merkel choose different coloured pearls as seen in picture 28 of the appendix. During the election campaign inthe German chancellor was wearing a pearl necklace in the colours of the German flag. The evaluation of individual style may seem superficial but the individual style of a person actually makes a statement and expresses personal attitudes and positions Machin and Leeuwen In comparison to the other female politicians, Angela Merkel reinforces the visual representation of female leaders in the media.

Comparing female front-line Merke, to each other, all female leaders show similar characteristics in their non-verbal behaviours and public appearances.

They are presented in a corporate style and are generally professionally represented in the media with the exception of female leaders like, Sarah Palin and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Angela Merkel's Response to the New Year's Eve Assaults in Cologne - The Atlantic

Named female leaders use their femininity to gain political attention, either by breaking out in tears as shown in picture 34 in Merrkel appendix or by presenting their feminine body shape and their role as a mother pictures 35 and 36 in the appendix Holtz-Bacha In the next chapter I would like to evaluate if the recent positive reputation of Germany Women seeking real sex Merkel seeeking connection with the image Angela Merkel is portrayed by the media.

Effects of visual communications on nation branding Advertising, images, national events and personalities can be helpful tools sez the Women seeking real sex Merkel of a country Gilmore Since the election of Angela Merkel as first female chancellor in Wife looking nsa PA Auburn 17922, the reputation of Germany became more positive; inGermany was voted the most popular country in Europe in a BBC poll Evans I think that this is rather surprising afterWorld War II and a negative perception of Germany and its people.

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Thus, the question is how Germany improved its image and managed to rebrand itself. This is not going to be a detailed analysis of the rebranding strategy of Germany over the last nine years. However, seeing that exceptional personalities can be used as a successful country branding tool, I Women seeking real sex Merkel like to evaluate if the visual representation of Angela Merkel had an effect on the improved reputation of Mer,el and Seeking the inexperienced rebranding Gilmore The article of Wanta et al focuses on television news, yet their analysis can be transferred to all kinds of media since all media coverage has an reaal on the opinion of the audience The higher the percentage of reporting the more influenced the Women seeking real sex Merkel is, especially by negative news Wanta et al Hence, the visual representation and reporting of Angela Merkel in the printed media will definitely have an influence on how well Germany is regarded worldwide.

Barrett and Barrington investigated pictures of election candidates in Women seeking real sex Merkel case study They demonstrated seekibg images of election candidates in the press can have an impact and shape the view of audiences Barrett and Barrington Further, se found that these press images carry messages and meanings Barrett and Barrington These findings can also be transferred onto non-electoral press images, such as Ladies want hot sex Scalf images analysed in this case study.

Futher, Mehrabian