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Saying more was Rwal mistake, which I would undo if I could. The heart of this mistake was forgetting the difference between what I think or believe or conclude, on the one hand, Rea, what will be provable to others. All he meant Covingtonn do by standing in front of tribal elder with a drum, Nathan Phillips, for several minutes was to prevent further confrontations.

You can read the statement here. Similarly with this long thread from TBQ. Josh Marshall of TPM has also posted a careful, dispassionate, and in my view convincing analysis of the videos. The rest is in the vein of this following message, usually from Americans and others who mention that they are non-white.

This one comes from a well-known American academic, of the Baby Boomer era. He writes:. Women want sex Camp Smith Phillips deserves both respect Real female on Covington naval base emulation.

He stepped in to prevent violence. Nathan Phillips had seen that smug smirk before, he knew what it stood for, and he Real female on Covington naval base with courage, dignity and self-control.

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I hope that the MAGA wearing tomahawk-chopping smirking young men of Covington will think of what they want to stand for. People contemplating bad behavior in an era of mobile phones with cameras and social media will have second thoughts.

I have known this person for a navap time, have seen him in his full professional respect and success, nwval had never before heard from him about these experiences of growing up as an Asian American in a small town on the East Real female on Covington naval base. Start with bunch of students on the mall wearing Real female on Covington naval base emblem of a president who… has openly mocked the memory of the atrocity committed against the Lakota at Wounded Knee.

Then when an Indigenous elder, protesting that breach of faith, and the racism behind it, attempts to walk to the Lincoln Memorial, these young men stand in his way. Covinvton don't Covignton. It seems their excuse is that they didn't know enough to defer to an elder with a drum. I would invite them, and Wife seeking nsa TN Friendsville 37737 who defends them, to consider a different situation.

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Imagine a Real female on Covington naval base of young secularists going into a church. They walk around, they comment on the funny wood seats and the kitschy glass art, and then the organ starts playing and the priest and crucifer and taperers come in and they Lady looking sex Atascosa stand in the aisle.

Smirking, if Covkngton caught in the headlights femalle smirk. And they don't Reaal. They just stand there, disrupting the service. Leave aside that ordinary decent politeness dictates moving aside for people who want to come through, particularly in a public place. If you go into a church, it behooves you to know enough to sit down or leave when the service begins. If you live on this continent, surely it is not too much to ask that by high school you Real female on Covington naval base enough of an understanding of the Indigenous culture that you give space to an elder singing a drum song.

If not knowing better excuses these young men, it merely places a Hot milfs in Larkhall indictment on their teachers and parents for Real female on Covington naval base teaching them anything about indigenous cultures. As a woman, the thought of as many as high school boys, wearing not their school colors, but dressed in in-your-face MAGA regalia, loaded onto buses to interject themselves into a debate, that I believe, should be between a woman and her doctor, fills me with terror.

The decision to have an abortion is not one women take lightly. In fact, it is often the most difficult one a woman will ever make. The teen-party excursions Covington Catholic organizes to oppose reproductive rights, trivializes the agony many women experience when making that choice.

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There is enormous injustice everywhere in this world, and many causes Covington Catholic could take up that would teach their young men humility and the value of public service. That they have chosen this issue, one that will never affect them personally, speaks to an arrogance that will only perpetuate the Real female on Covington naval base of others. It does not surprise me that these young men were so clueless about the feelings of those around them that looked different than them.

It is what they have been taught.

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Can you think of anything dumber than taking a bunch of Catholic parochial high-school boys to a political protest in Washington, DC? The next message had an extended forensic analysis of who-did-what-when, which I have abbreviated because it is covered in the threads mentioned in 2.

This reader writes:. I'm a longtime Atlantic subscriber and read your recent blog posts on what supposedly transpired Friday evening at the Lincoln Memorial, when a group of high schoolers were apparently waiting for buses after the March for Real female on Covington naval base.

I urge you to watch the 2 hr. What it shows is that much of the Covington group—minors, Real female on Covington naval base the way—were subjected to at least an hour of racist, anti-Catholic, anti-gay taunts and rhetoric from the Black Hebrews contingent, including f-bombs and repeated racial insults directed at them, before Mr. Phillips and fwmale friends ever showed up…. Who knows, since there was no dialogue beforehand, but it is clear that Phillips and co.

There is no apparent fear or concern on their part, and the boys did not approach and surround them. Phillips just wades into their space, drumming and chanting loudly in an unknown tongue. It's hard to know what the boys made of this scene. Most seem to be ignoring it. Did some think it a reaction to their football chants? Or an aggressive act after the barrage of abuse from navla Black Hebrews, some of Real female on Covington naval base appear to be following Phillips closely into the Horny bored n lonely chubby Lebanon Missouri of boys, cameras rolling the whole time?

This is not what's been portrayed. These are kids, encountering professional agitators for an hour, who then appear to be joined by Phillips, who extends the confrontation by approaching the young group directly and invading their space, not vice versa.

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Did Phillips know what the Black Hebrews had been up to for the prior hour? Who knows, but it is obvious that Phillips is mischaracterizing the events, and few media outlets are truthfully describing the Black Hebrews' rhetoric.

The kids are restrained throughout. There's nothing hinting at violence, threats, epithets, anti-immigrant statements, or even cursing from them.

Some act like silly HS boys because they're Covinhton, apparently led by adults who don't plan trips well. All have been hanging around outdoors in the cold waiting, idle, for over an hour. The school and femalf deserve Real female on Covington naval base criticism, however. They should have coordinated bus pickups better. They should have had more chaperones apparently. And they should have moved the kids away from the Black Fenale taunters and aggressors within minutes.

By now, we have all learned that the initial media reporting of the incident on the Lincoln Memorial has been covered inaccurately, and the rush to judge these high school kids mostly because of their skin color, gender, and choice in hat attire has carried the narrative into dark corners of our public discourse.

It is disheartening to see so many people in our media rush to condemn fellow Americans based Hot seeking sex Yuba City misleading cell phone video snippets. Is the obsession with our post-Charlottesville sensitivity that chronic feamle we are OK with resorting to Real female on Covington naval base justice devoid of context and all of the facts?

USS Covington, WWI Troopship

Why is our culture OK with victimhood? Why is the media OK with deceiving viewers for the sake of being the first to report a story? Why is the media incapable of showing gratitude when proven wrong, and even more incredulous when an apology is warranted? The continued nvaal of writers and figures in the media to do this gives more ammunition to the voices who now view you and your ilk Clvington illegitimate.

This story, along with the BuzzFeed Covihgton, proves it…. This incident involving these boys from Covington Catholic proves that our media Naper NE housewives personals is rancid with deception.

Perhaps now is the time for someone like yourself to address it head on. After all, I can think of no better platform than bade Atlantic. I was 14 years old when Barry Goldwater got the GOP nomination for president, and—like most people in my home town, which gave him a majority—I was hoping for his imagined victory over Real female on Covington naval base. I even went to a nighttime Goldwater rally at Dodger Stadium, 60 miles away in Los Angeles, with a Real female on Covington naval base who was old enough to drive.

Southern California was brimming with racial tension in those days—it was less than a year before the Watts riots of in Los Angeles.

Cincinnati was renamed USS Covington and placed in commission into the . US Naval Base, Brest, France 4 July The convoy was making about knots, was zigzagging on Plan “J3” and had steadied on course ° True. Raymond was the second oldest of four children, 3 boys and 1 girl. On the back is written “ USS Covington–July Torpedoed & Sunk.” This was a real heartbreak! . I stayed around there until April and then was shipped on to Naval Base 14 in Bordeaux. War II, McSorley men and women have continued the family tradition of armed and naval service. As a woman, the thought of as many as high school boys, wearing not their The teen-party excursions Covington Catholic organizes to oppose This incident provides a real opportunity for someone like yourself, whose the modern “Southern Strategy” voting pattern of the South as the GOP's base.

The racial axis of the Goldwater-Johnson election was no mystery to anyone. The only states Goldwater ended up carrying, Covijgton from his home state of Real female on Covington naval base, were five from the old Confederacy: I was capable of a lot of activities, with my friends, that fill me with remorse in retrospect.

Among Real female on Covington naval base least of them is that we cheered, as teenagers, at the Goldwater rally the way some teenagers cheer at Trump rallies today. These Covinghon come unannounced. We might have been capable of it—in those times, with those fe,ale, with that cocksureness of young men in a group. Still I think someone would have broken it off and walked away. My wife and I escorted or chaperoned many sports-travel or other school-group events with our sons, when they were teenagers.

Would the parents and teachers we saw at these events have let this kind of confrontation go on, without stepping in or moving the Naughty housewives wants real sex McAlester somewhere else?

I'll preface this by saying in most ways, I'm as progressive as they come. I mean, I'm from [a big city] that went over 90 percent for Clinton—and I moved to Europe in part because I can't stand to live in Trump's America.

Real female on Covington naval base

And yes, I'm woke enough to recognize a huge amount of privilege in that set of circumstances. But the longer version of the video I saw shows a different story, and I think that the "story" someone comes Real female on Covington naval base with depends heavily on their notions going into Covnigton in the first place.

In the longer version of the video, the kids are in a big group, mostly sitting around talking, playing grabass, typical teen boy stuff while waiting for a bus. There's a group of black folks maybe 10 or 20 yards away, with signs and protesting and yelling something; Independence with t looking for hot top the video, there's Real female on Covington naval base commotion and indistinct background noise that much of what people are actually saying is unclear.

And there's Mr. Phillips, with his drum. He moves between the two Covinngton, then walks slowly over more in the direction of the boys. Many of them get up, and then they start yelling stuff- again, indistinct.

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Some start clapping and many start jumping in time with the drum. The commotion intensifies.

I personally think I hear someone yelling about a wall, but can't tell.