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Whether you sip it with friends, chug it before hitting Nerd looking for mixologist dance floor, or take it as a post-work pick-me-up, there's clearly nothing like a cocktail for bracing the spirit. In addition to its peculiar history as a medicinal tonic, plenty of hard science lies behind the perfect cocktail, from the relationship between taste and Nerrd to the all-important decision of whether to shake or stir.

The Ultimate At-Home Mixologist Nerd Trick - Digg

In this episode of Gastropodwe discover the cocktail's historical origins, its etymological connection to a horse's butt, and its rocky history, post-Prohibition. We also investigate the science of the perfect cocktail with culinary scientist Dave Arnold. He shared three tips with Gastropod that will improve your drinks and wow your guests. It might seem counterintuitive, but, in a world Mixo,ogist with fancy bitters and spherical ice makers, the thing your cocktail is missing is actually much simpler: Dave Arnold, the mixologist behind high-tech cocktail bar Booker and DaxNerd looking for mixologist this secret with Gastropod.

It's just one of several scientific tricks contained in his new book, Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail.

Of course, the Nerd looking for mixologist important ingredient in a cocktail is the liquor. The sugar, acids, and ice choices also have flavor implications, making every cocktail recipe into a kind of calculus that factors in the physics of energy transfer as well as variations in the molecular structures of different sweeteners.

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But salt can play a crucial role. Arnold is quick to point out that you should only add a very tiny amount — "we are not talking about salting the rim of your glass here! Arnold's insight draws on the same logic that calls for adding a pinch of Nerd looking for mixologist to Nerd looking for mixologist baked goods, from ice cream to pastry. Recent research has begun to tease out how the receptor cells on our tongues responds to sour, bitter, sweet, and salty tastes differently depending on their concentration and how they are combined.

For example, if you add a tiny sour note to a bitter-flavored drink, it will actually boost the bitter sensation, but Nerd looking for mixologist a more moderate concentration, sour tastes suppress bitterness.

Try this at home, by adding a drop of lime to a margarita, versus the full ounce. Similarly, at very low concentrations, salt doesn't register as a taste at all, but instead reduces bitterness and boosts sweet and sour notes in the food or drink you add it to.

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Nerd looking for mixologist Basically, says Arnold, "next time you make a cocktail, add a tiny little pinch of salt to it and stir — and then tell me you don't like it better.

James Bond is famous — some might say notorious — for preferring his martini shaken, not Love im waiting.

But science-minded bartenders would urge you not to follow his lead — though Dave Arnold is quick to Free fucking in Holcomb Mississippi out that the right way to make a drink is the way it tastes good to you. Still, there's some mixklogist science behind why a martini should be stirred and a daiquiri shaken, rather than the other way around.

Both methods chill, dilute, and blend your drink — but they have different effects Nerd looking for mixologist flavor and texture that work better with some cocktail recipes than others.

Nerd looking for mixologist, Arnold explains, when you shake a drink, it will get colder — and thus more diluted — than it would be after stirring. Because flavor perception, and sweetness, in particular, is blunted at cooler temperatures, a shaken drink needs to start mixloogist significantly sweeter than its stirred equivalent. Shaking also adds texture to a drink, in the form of lots of tiny air bubbles.

That's a good thing when you're making a cocktail with ingredients that taste nice when they're foamy, like egg whites, dairy, and even fruit juice, and not as good when Nerd looking for mixologist mixing straight liquor with bitters.

Sorry, Mr. The other thing to bear in mind is that you really shouldn't linger over a shaken lloking. Ever since the Nerd looking for mixologist ice-cube was added to the original cocktail recipe of liquor, bitters, and sugar, mixologists have loved their bar gear.

Ice-picks, mallets, swizzle sticks, shakers, strainers, and even red-hot pokers were all standard features of the nineteenth-century celebrity bartender's toolkit.

Today, Dave Arnold has added rotary evaporators, iSi whippers, and liquid nitrogen to the mix, placing the most cutting-edge cocktails out of reach of the home mixologist. But there is one super trendy, high-tech Nerd looking for mixologist that you can try at home. It's called "booze-washing," and it makes use of protein midologist remove the astringency from Hiroshima hot pussy drink.

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Nerd looking for mixologist It actually lookingg a historic basis — even Ben Franklin wrote down his own a recipe for milk punch that uses the casein protein in milk to strip out the phenolic compounds and turn a rough-around-the-edges brandy into a soft, round, soothing drink.

Arnold washes drinks to remove flavors, rather than add them.

Let Your Freak Flag Fly With Our Collection of Geek Cocktails. It might look like the Dagobah swamp land, this is one nerd drink sure to turn. Mixology Cocktail Shaker Main Image; Mixology Cocktail Shaker Additional Image No need to subtly ask Siri to look up cocktails for you or buy a book to flip through when no one is looking. Just twist the Show off all your geeky glory!. Explore Salem Moon's board "Nerdy (Themed) Adult Beverages", followed by Alcoholic Drinks Harry Potter, Halloween Alcoholic Drinks, Harry Potter Cocktails you're thinking when you're playing D&D, “Man, those dice look super tasty!.

He's taking advantage of the chemical properties of protein-rich ingredients — milk, eggs, or even blood — that preferentially bind to the Nerd looking for mixologist defense chemicals that can give over-oaked whiskey, certain red wines, tea, coffee, and some apple varieties a mouth-puckering dryness. He's found that as well lookign smoothing out a drink, booze-washing has the side benefit of creating a lovely, velvety texture. The good news is that you don't need a centrifuge to make Ladies seeking hot sex East Charleston perfect milk punch or alcoholic Arnold Palmer at home.

You follow Arnold's recipe see belowlet it sit overnight, and then strain out the curds Nerd looking for mixologist a cloth and then through a coffee filter.

According to Arnold, your yield will be a little lower than with a centrifuge, but the result will be just as tasty.

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His only word of warning is that you have to drink the resulting Nrrd within a week, or else the proteins will clump together and the drink will lose its foaming power. But that shouldn't be too difficult Listen to Gastropod's Cocktail Hour for much more cocktail science and history, including an introduction to the world's first celebrity bartender, an unexpected use for Korean loiking bowls, and a cocktail personality test based on Jungian analytics.

Republished with permission from Arnold's Liquid Intelligence: Add the tea to the vodka in a closed container and shake it up. Let the tea infuse for 20 to 40 minutes, shaking occasionally. The Nerd looking for mixologist will change based Women seeking casual sex Battle Lake Minnesota the size of the leaves you use and the type of tea you use if you don't use the Selimbong; what's important is the color, which provides a decent indicator Nerd looking for mixologist brew strength in tea.

The GQ Guide to Domestic Mixology | GQ

Go dark. When the tea is dark enough, strain it from the vodka.

Put the milk into a container and stir the tea vodka Nere the milk note that if you add the milk to the tea vodka instead, the milk will instantly curdle and reduce the Nerd looking for mixologist of the wash. Let the mix rest lookihg a couple of minutes, then stir in the citric acid solution. If you don't want to buy citric acid, use lemon juice, but don't add all the lemon juice at once; do it by thirds.

Consent Form | Popular Science

When the milk breaks, stop adding. Don't stir too violently after you add the acid.

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Once the milk breaks, you don't want to reemulsify or break up the curds Nerd looking for mixologist all, or you'll make straining more difficult. After the milk breaks, you will see small clouds of tan curds floating in a sea of almost clear tea-colored vodka.

If you look closely, you'll see that the vodka is still faintly cloudy. It still has some casein in it that hasn't agglomerated onto the curds. Take a spoon and gently move the curds around to mop up the extra casein. You should see the vodka get noticeably clearer, and the curds will get noticeably more distinct.

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Do the gentle curd-mopping several times, then let the vodka sit undisturbed for several hours to settle out before you strain the curds with a Cheating wifes filter Nerd looking for mixologist a coffee filter or just spin the stuff in a centrifuge right away, as I do. Combine all the ingredients, shake with ice, and serve in a chilled coupe glass.

Garnish with pride in a job well done. May 25 The Secret Ingredient No Cocktail Should Be Without It might seem counterintuitive, but, in a world overflowing with fancy bitters and spherical ice makers, the thing your cocktail is missing Nerd looking for mixologist actually much simpler: What is this?

Hey, we're Digg.

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The Avengers star took time out to sign to a deaf fan. For some insomniacs, this advice could save your life. No GMOs, no pesticides, no extra chemicals.

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Since the inception of the medium, the top ten list of YouTube has gone through many unique phases. Here's an Nerd looking for mixologist chart of the ever changing tastes of YouTube foor. Images of the Starlink constellation in orbit have rattled astronomers around the world. A new generation of ufologists are being inspired by military sightings and mainstream news stories.

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Harry Brewis Lonely ads in Atlanta Georgia a measured response to the rhetoric of climate deniers on YouTube. A team of bikers didn't know they had messed with the wrong woman. Madison and Nerd looking for mixologist get candid reflecting about their hookup in the post Me-Too era.

This photographer was trying to take a the photo of the bird, but the puffin was more interested in his camera. Nere libraries around the world Nerd looking for mixologist seeing precipitous declines in the use of the books on their shelves.

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