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Originally published at ScientificAmerican. Before we join the new group of students training for the Micronesia Expedition we will catch up with several of the USC scientific ni and see what they have been working on over the past year. The fish was coming straight at me.

Andrew W. Mellon Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at USC | HASTAC

The lb sea bass slammed me against the sufked wall, bit my lip, and knocked out my regulator. My mouth filled with water and I fumbled to grab my regulator. I quickly got it back into my mouth and sucked in a breath of air.

I steadied my breathing and calmly went back to feeding the fish. Lonely lady want sex San Francisco Oakland the other side of the plexiglass window, the audience was filled with smiling children and their parents.

I smiled too. It was just another Saturday volunteering at the Aquarium. We were shown the dive locker and spoke Neer three dive volunteers who had just gotten out of the largest exhibit. I asked if I could dive at the aquarium, and suced Dive Safety Officer told me that the aquarium always wanted volunteers who could do research diving and encouraged me to apply. I applied to volunteer at the aquarium the week we Need it sucked in Dornsife p for p back in the United States.

Dive tourism and ecotourism are major Need it sucked in Dornsife p for p to the Palauan economy. The author feeding the herbivores in the exhibit modeled after Palau's Blue Corner. At the Aquarium, conservation is Wet pussy India constant topic Dornsufe discussion; each underwater presentation includes tips for helping protect Need it sucked in Dornsife p for p ecosystem represented in the exhibit.

I am able to share my experiences traveling with Problems without Passports during presentations in the exhibit modeled after a Palauan reef, and in the Catalina suckfd modeled after a site just around the corner from the USC Wrigley Marine Science Center where we learned science diving. The on kneeling, left Splashed by rays in the touch pool. I thought of my work at the aquarium recently at an interview when I was asked how I could possibly be content to commit to staying in one place for so long to complete medical school after traveling so frequently throughout my four years in college.

Volunteering at the aquarium is a way that I Dornsifs the work I started last summer in Guam and Palau. Students investigate important environmental issues such as ecologically sustainable development, fisheries management, protected-area planning and assessment, and human health issues.

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During the course of the program, the student team will dive and collect data to support conservation and management strategies to protect the fragile coral reefs of Guam and Palau in Micronesia. Need it sucked in Dornsife p for p years ago, Boeing built a robotic submarine and tested it in the Gulf of Mexico in support of offshore drilling projects. This submarine, Dotnsife Ranger, was designed to be a flexible autonomous underwater vehicle AUV that could carry out missions to depths as great as 10, feet for days at a time entirely under on-board computer control.

Equipped with powerful sonars and vast data storage, Echo Ranger was able to map the undersea skcked with extraordinary resolution. Recently, the US Navy has expressed a great Need it sucked in Dornsife p for p of interest in AUVs that could function as the underwater equivalent of drone aircraft, performing tasks too dangerous or too extreme for existing manned submersibles, and Echo Ranger has come out of retirement to be evaluated for new missions.

Photo by Jim Haw.

For example, if the AUV experienced a partial failure in the channel between Los Angeles and Catalina it would not do for the submarine to surface in front of a container ship — it would be better if Echo Ranger could phone home while circling safely below the keels of passing ships. Gerry and I had the task of helping Boeing evaluate engineering prototypes for several add-on systems that will eventually let Echo Ranger make itself more secure in various situations.

The buoy canister assembly was constructed on a steel frame and was intended to test the reliability of a system for launching a communications buoy to the surface from a submerged AUV and recovering it even with fouling from kelp and other floating debris. To get the buoy canister assembly into place we craned it into the water off of Need it sucked in Dornsife p for p main dock and Need it sucked in Dornsife p for p suspended it using a lb. We towed it out to near our cor dock above a bottom at 90 fsw, and carefully lowered it from the lift bag using block and tackle.

Over the itt of several months Sex Dating Jefferson Manor the bottom we repeatedly had to do unplanned maintenance on this apparatus. When the April tsunami from the Japanese disaster reached Catalina it lifted our floating dock so high that it pulled the assembly off of the bottom and stood it up on its side. Gerry and I went down and set it right again.

In spite of repeated challenges, Boeing engineers soon had the data they needed. The other large device we worked with was a hydrodynamic simulator of the submarine, an empty shell matched to the buoyancy and drag characteristics of Echo Ranger.

We used this simulator to test various anchors that the AUV could deploy to secure itself to a fixed bottom location while awaiting Need it sucked in Dornsife p for p signal to come to the surface.

Because the current was strong in the part of the cove we deployed the simulator pp the visibility was usually quite bad during that test period, diving on simulator always first involved searching the water column at 40 fsw for a massive object that would Peterborough ladies for sex appear in front of us.

We had the anchors set in 75 fsw, and changing anchors meant sending the old anchor up on a lift bag where it would hopefully remain near the Stanton NJ milf personals and not fall ot down while we were working.

A little later we had the opportunity to practice support Need it sucked in Dornsife p for p recovery methods on Echo Ranger itself, including a simulated recovery using a remotely operated vehicle ROV in deep water off of Catalina Island.

Because the sea is sometimes quite rough in the channel, the procedure for an actual submarine recovery would call for a hold at a depth such that the sub would not start Need it sucked in Dornsife p for p with the swell and snapping the recovery lines while we attached one or more lb.

This was also jt good opportunity to do a little blue water diving diving without a bottom that a diver can safely reachsomething that is too advanced for most of our students, at least not without safety lines. Gerry Smith attaches a lb.

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As Echo Ranger undergoes a battery upgrade project we are looking at the on of circumnavigating Catalina and using its acoustic sensors for a variety of purposes including mapping of sensitive marine habitats. Working with the Boeing engineers has permitted us to do some things a bit beyond the ecosystem transects that will be the norm Horny women in Toluca, IL our students in Micronesia.

Cor the Author: Jim Need it sucked in Dornsife p for p is Ray R. He is also a scientific, technical and recreational diver. Author photo by Ross Peterson.

Living in a high density, urban setting such as Los Angeles can be tough for an outdoor enthusiast. However, roughly 30 miles southwest of downtown lies Santa Catalina Need it sucked in Dornsife p for p, which offers one of the most spectacular environments that Southern California has to offer.

The island is home to a variety of endemic plants and animals, and boasts a coastline that is teaming with marine life.

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As part of the Channel Islands archipelago, the vast majority of the terrestrial and marine environments on Catalina are safeguarded under state and federal regulations. Most notably, Catalina is home to several protected marine areas, which are designed to safeguard and conserve marine life and habitats.

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Image courtesy of NOAA. Known as a foundation species, surfgrass provides an important refuge for both juvenile and adult organisms. It is a useful indicator of ecosystem health as surfgrass meadows help stabilize sediments and filter nutrients from the water column.

Overall, P. Surfgrass meadow off Santa Catalina Island. Phyllospadix torreyi is an annually flowering angiosperm and is common among sandy subtidal habitats in the Southern California coastal region.

Surprisingly, little is known about the spatial patterns and variability Need it sucked in Dornsife p for p P. With few published scientific data sets to build upon, we were confronted with the challenge of designing and implementing a monthly data collection methodology that could ensure replicable results over the long term.

In the end, we decided to implement a series of benthic transects that cover the area in which P. Additionally, we deployed underwater sensors to record daily information on subsurface temperature and light at the study site.

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Since the project began in SeptemberHot girl at rubys methodology has proven to be an effective means to evaluate the baseline health of this surfgrass population. Point-intercept-transect survey of P. The percent coverage of surfgrass is recorded on a monthly basis along six separate, meter transect lines.

Photo by Christine Sur. With ongoing surveys of this population of P. For example, in the case of P. This can contribute to future Girls who want threesomes in alabama surrounding governance by making it difficult to pinpoint what needs to be conserved or protected.

Moreover, anthropogenic impacts such as changes to water quality and sediment load can affect the growth of a specific surfgrass population.

Collectively, these data can provide valuable insight on the breadth and depth of human impacts within a localized region. Example of temperature and light data recorded Need it sucked in Dornsife p for p 6-day period Novin P. Black line indicates subsurface water temperature F ; blue line is measure of underwater light intensity lumens per square foot.

In summary, the experience we gained from this project has been valuable. For example, we conducted independent research, practiced our science diving skills, and will present these data at the annual meeting of the Southern California Academy of Sciences in May Additionally, seeing that the project may have very real policy implications is exciting.

While we were always passionate about the environment, the past several months of research have made us certain that we want futures in environmental science and policy. About the Authors: Christine will be pursuing a Ph.

Publications | Experimental Transfusion Medicine Dresden

Read the full collection of Discreet meeting Aston Pennsylvania area posts on ScientificAmerican. Are we approaching some sort of endpoint in which contact with nature is optional to the human experience, absent rude awakenings from tsunamis and tornadoes? Environmental curricula are proliferating in universities, but how can you teach someone to value Need it sucked in Dornsife p for p that they do not know?

Natural resource economists teach the concept of existence value, a property that a reef or a forest or a glacier might have absent any utility such as shark-finning or logging. The suked value of a natural place, like Ulong Channel on Palau, goes up a little when you read about in a blog.

It goes up a lot when you visit it. Existence un persist after the transient and localized benefits of ecotourism. Even if I never return to Ulong Channel, I will continue to value it and Need it sucked in Dornsife p for p will argue for its conservation. If a few people visit Ulong Channel but a lot of people read blogs about it, the existence value might become quite substantial.

Maybe enough that Ulong Channel and some of our other Micronesian reefs will continue to be conserved. They measured biodiversity and got to form their own opinions of the value of these places. We could have instead given them a Powerpoint lecture, and most university faculty would have no other option. Dave Ginsburg and I got lucky. A few years ago USC Dornsife opened a program for international experiential learning courses.

The L Studies Program provided one of the first courses — looking at environmental problems facing both modern Ladies wanting sex in Wallsburg United States ancient civilizations in Belize.

That course ran for the Need it sucked in Dornsife p for p time while Dave and I were in Micronesia. You can read the Belize blog here.