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Cover up your webcam.

But covering your extenced is often little more than a placebo that keeps people from protecting their computers. Yes, hackers can indeed breach your webcam.

Generally webcam breaches happen in one of two ways: Hackers introduce malware into your computer or the webcam itself, usually through a phishing attack that has you click on a link that installs the malware, or they breach the website streaming the video.

The Multiple extended webcam women of somebody spying on you is undeniably creepy.

It absolutely can happen and it does happen, usually as part of a harassment campaign. Webcam hacking is usually less something that actually happens to people and more an internet bogeyman story people fall for because it taps into our deeper fears.

Take yours truly, for example. If you breached my computer, Multiple extended webcam women would get, 95 percent of the time, live streaming video of a pasty nerd underlit extende a blue wash to make him even more pasty tapping at his keyboard.

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Perhaps I am being watched, but the people doing so must be deeply bored or really into grunting. Notably, the malware in the Cassidy Wolf case was mostly designed to help amateur hackers breach financial datawith webcam breaching just included mostly for the hell of it.

The best way to avoid your webcam being breached is to not let hackers Multiple extended webcam women your computer in the first place.

Similarly, Multiple extended webcam women the basic principles of password security will keep the majority of would-be webcam watchers out. The most notorious webcam breach had nothing whatsoever to do with hackers, but rather a school district deliberately installing malware on laptops it issued to students.

But some basic computer security will protect all aspects of your privacy, not just what your webcam might see. An Explainer.

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