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In search of my Sale bbws only Looking Horny People

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In search of my Sale bbws only

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Let's give it a try. We can write about music, movies, bs, whatever. Put where the drive-through was in the subject line.

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Basically, be kind and considerate to each other, no flaming, trolling, put downs, or judgment posts.

Any panties worn by two people must have separate accounts that are both verified on this subreddit. Please see below for appropriate tags.

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No group or third-party sales posts. The words "High School", "Middle School", "Barely legal", "Little Girl", "Daddy" or any text insinuating underage persons or incest is not permitted in posts here.

An expanded rules guide can be found here. Read the FAQ prior to posting. I am wondering if anyone is interested in BBW nurses panties?

I am a size 10 if that helps Is there anywhere in particular to sell them? Thanks in advance. Yes, every buyer person for that matter is different in their tastes and attractions.

Malaysian Reads - Book Sales - Strictly Malaysia: BBW Box Sale Showing of 14

Buyers of panties from BBW sellers are fairly common. Hey, I've purchased a few BBW panties actually have a pair coming to me this weekSaale there is definitely an interest.

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Maybe post some pics of you in the pairs you're looking to sell. That's where I have found most of my BBW sellers.

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Take care and hope to see your posts soon! Thank you for this! I posted for the first time on this forum yesterday and have gotten a handful of swarch votes, but no inquiries yet Maybe BBW will help it along: Good to hear that there is a BBW specific sub.

In search of my Sale bbws only I Searching Adult Dating

To search for offers from BBW sellers - http: Wonderful to hear! Thank you very much - I find since I have gained weight that might have made it a smaller market, I'll defs definitely be posting in the next few days then! The former is much bigger than the latter and can easily fit 20 books at least. Nympho ads United States

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You can hold off on purchasing the box when you arrive. Go and make a survey of the books on sale and decide on which box you want aSle get. If the selection isn't that great I think it's better to just wait for the main sale in December.

May 30, I just went yesterday. Got 32 books in a big box.

But most of my books were the thick ones. There wasn't much variety but since it's cheap so no harms. I did walk around picking the books with trolley first, only later bought the box.

Yes please post some pictures. Warhawke what did you think of the sale?

In search of my Sale bbws only I Am Looking Sex Date

How's the selection? May 31, Bit disappointed on that but overall I'm happy because of the cheap haul.

I'm not picky on booksvbws long it's a good to read then I'm happy. Especially if it's cheap than I'm more than happy.

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I was there on Monday about searvh 4 hours later. Since the crowd was less, it was good time you go around again and again.

A total of seafch including some comics - which I probably won't read, but just for collection lol! I'm one of you follower via insta. I recognize it from the first picture you posted: