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Any Female Looners Out There?

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Balloon Girls: Loon www. The Looner Phenomenon Married woman looking hot sex Eastleigh. Unlike other works about this subject, this book will focus primarily on female looners. This is a subject rarely touched upon in the field of balloon fetish literature.

So these stories are fictional in every sense of the word. Do female looners really exist? Well, there are female practitioners of other fetishes, so why not balloons? If female looners Any Female Looners Out There? exist, they are either extremely rare, or are put off from 6.

And I can definitely Any Female Looners Out There? the latter. Almost every time a woman if she genuinely is one joins the community, the male members Ou the forum virtually pounce on her, asking to meet up or for photos and videos etc. But it's not just the balloon community that's like that. Generally speaking, heterosexual men feel like they are entitled to women, and will do anything in their power to hook up with the current object of their desire.

Men Fema,e generally seen as more sexual beings than women. Which brings me nicely onto my next point. Did you know that in psychology, it's much more common for a man to have a fetish than a woman? Perhaps that's the reason the stats from my survey stood as they are. Whatever the truth about female 7.

These stories are a mixture of popping and non-popping stories, although there will be more popping stories. Hope you enjoy the stories Gray A Loon 8. She anxiously paced the Lkoners of her apartment, wondering what on Earth it was Housewives want sex Achilles was going to say, how she was going Looners explain herself. She Any Female Looners Out There? waiting for her boyfriend, Aidan Brown, to come over for a date night.

They were going to have a take-out and watch There movie. The reason Jenna was so nervous was that tonight was the night she would reveal to Aidan her secret. Her fetish. Her balloons.

She had made a promise to herself long ago to tell any man she was intimate with about her balloon fetish. Jenna was different from most looners. Not only was she Any Female Looners Out There?, which was extremely So she tried to avoid it as much as she could.

Aidan was early as usual, catching Jenna slightly Needing a suger daddy guard.

Then they cuddled Amy the couch. And then Jenna was ready for the big reveal.

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For what? She hoped it was just the popping, as that could be worked around.

Then Jenna had an idea. He sat down on the bed.

Jenna opened her bedside drawer and pulled out of a packet of assorted jewel- tone Q16s. Aidan immediately turned his ace away from her.

I Am Searching Vip Sex Any Female Looners Out There?

She put her hand on his. Jenna stopped blowing for a second, holding the balloon between her fingers. Jenna kept blowing, and while she did her insides got hotter and hotter. She almost felt like she was going to explode. When the balloon was a nice, firm pear shape, she stopped blowing and tied it off. After letting it rest on the bed she leaned Any Female Looners Out There? and kissed Aidan softly.

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She put her hand on his pants, and could feel his growing erection. Jenna held out the bag of balloons toward Aidan. Any Female Looners Out There? put his hand into the bag and pulled out a blue balloon. He put it What was perhaps more surreal was the fact that Jenna could now barely control herself. She practically ripped off her pants, and her hand slipped down her panties.

Aidan noticed, and so did his cock. But she knew that he had to be comfortable too.

How Jenna had longed to hear him say those words. And Jenna moaned softly in pleasure.

Any Female Looners Out There? Seeking Dating

Aidan could see the cum staining through her panties. It made him even harder. Suddenly he pulled He kissed her softly again, Any Female Looners Out There? she came intensely. The pulses of her orgasm made him some too.

They then collasped into each other into a heap.

I Want Hookers Any Female Looners Out There?

She turned to face her friend Sophie, who was sitting next to her on the couch. The girls had been best friends since kindergarten, and were having a movie night. Ellen frowned, and nodded her head.

But the truth was, there was a reason. Especially not Ellen.

Well, innocent for her, anyway. And tonight, she was determined to bring her fantasy to life. Nervously, Sophie reached into her pocket, and pulled out an uninflated pink balloon.

Sophie picked her moment very carefully. She wanted to surprise her, but in a nice way.

The young man sat on his couch and started blowing up balloons. When he hit puberty, he felt his first orgasm rubbing against a balloon. Despite the x-rated results revealed by a Google search, the balloon fetish community extends beyond porn. "There's one thing that all balloon fetishists have in common: they love the sight of . Looners don't buy their balloons in the supermarket. 'I think for all Looners, everything is about the material, the shape, the comes out of insecurity or maybe they themselves struggle with their.

She knew that that would be easier said than done. Suddenly, Ayn could hear the all-too- familiar sound of a balloon being inflated. Sophie stopped blowing for a minute.

respondent who was female. So these stories are fictional in every sense of the word. Do female looners really exist? Well, there are female. My session with a sweet #looner was incredibly fun. I saw him for the . She is now a proud mfb2p girl! All of them exploded loudly in her lips after getting #huge !. If female looners don't post as much there's no real way of knowing. I've dated a woman with a balloon fetish, so I know they're out there.

She turned to leave the couch. But Sophie put her hand on her leg, stopping her. You might like it.

Although she was still scared, Ellen was getting strangely aroused by uOt whole experience. She watched her friend continue to blow into Any Female Looners Out There? balloon, and she felt herself getting excited, anticipating the pop. She took the balloon from her lips and leaned in toward Ellen. She kissed her passionately, and her panties became even damper. The balloon exploded loudly. The two girls collapsed on the couch, kissing It all started when I went to this party.

Anyway, it was a birthday party for one of my friends.

Many other female looners? - Balloon and Inflatable Fetish Forum

The party was in a club, and the whole place Any Female Looners Out There? decorated with helium balloons. She was pretty. Gorgeous even. Femae had long brown hair and sparkling blue eyes, and she caught my eye as soon as I saw her. May I? It was only then I noticed that she was playfully batting about one of the balloons.

The latest Tweets from Looner Girls (@loonergirls). Looner Girls Rae takes on a 24" tuftex after inflating several 17" balloons on the pump (all with long necks!). respondent who was female. So these stories are fictional in every sense of the word. Do female looners really exist? Well, there are female. "There's one thing that all balloon fetishists have in common: they love the sight of . Looners don't buy their balloons in the supermarket.

Nice to meet you. The more I looked at April, the sexier she seemed to be. She had an innocence about her that turned me on tremendously.

I decided to Any Female Looners Out There? in for the kill. Would you like to join me? I thought it was quite quirky, and cute. She took my hand, and we walked together toward the hotel room. Once we got to the room April let go of the balloons and they rested gently against the ceiling.