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Netflix's "Haunted", Episode 2 "True Story"??? I am watching episode 2 Anaheij 'Haunted', called 'The Slaughterhouse'. The premise of the show is real people sharing their paranormal experiences.

They suggest they witnessed their parents murder people and that there are graves all over the property. I tried to google it to see if there was a real life story and nothing has come up. Has anyone else watched this and also sat there with a big WTF?! Does anyone know if these women have shared their story outside of the show?

I'm just as baffled. All I got from the episode was that this family covered up and threw away evidence of dozens of murders. If you hated the guy and you grew up, wouldn't you want to see him investigated??

Southold-NY sex club Also, why was nephew allowed alone with psycho grandpa? Too many questions, too few answers. I'm convinced episode 86 at don lonely and horney in Anaheim was made unbelievable on purpose to generate these types of responses from people upset by the obvious inconsistencies or just the total lack of compassion for the murder victims no one seems to care about them!

There's some sort of part 2 in the works that will tie the storylines together. Something to do with childhood mental illness maybe, or the effects of childhood trauma. That's how they will get away with saying the stories are true. Anzheim American Horror Story as a docudrama.

TLDR - the show is fucking with all of us on purpose. We're generating hype for a big reveal somewhere done the line.

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Fuck my wife Burlington agitating tho. Thank you all for these responses, affirming my thoughts as well. Also, right before she starts talking about her father praying to the devil because of bad weather LOLshe states "things in the hornney started getting heavier, darker'.

Thought the same thing. I mean, when mom and loneyl were bringing people home and murdering them, that was bad Actually, I found that part believable. Not that I believe this whole thing happened, but this made sense to me. From the perspective of a kid, the scariest parts would be what caused the most fear that the kid herself would be hurt. As terrifying as it would be to listen to murders downstairs, at least there would have been a tiny amount of comfort in being mostly left out of it and having that crazy focus elsewhere for a few hours.

At some point, it becomes routine and there's safety 86 at don lonely and horney in Anaheim routine, you feel you can manage it more effectively. Fits and suddenly unpredictable behaviours would be perceived as much more dangerous. Thank you for this! I lonelj finished watching this episode and I was scouring the internet to doon info about a woman drowning her kids in Anaheim.

I looked through Wikipedias list of ay children in the US all through the 70s, 80s and 90s I assume this guy isn't in his 50s? But maybe I should look further back? If I can't find 866 info on it then I'm officially turned off hornwy this show. Yeah, I Naughty woman want sex tonight West Yarmouth finished watching this and the critical flaw in the whole story to me was that this family had moved in to the apartment immediately after this woman 86 at don lonely and horney in Anaheim killed her two kids and offed herself, everyone in the complex knew about it including his parents yet somehow this information didn't filter down to him?

In six fucking years? He mentions several times he had no trouble making friends, and none of them knew or told him about it?

Look Real Dating 86 at don lonely and horney in Anaheim

Come on, the neighbourhood kids would know all about something like that, no doubt. And would take the first opportunity to talk about it with the kid who lives there. To come here and find he's a horror filmmaker is just the final stinky nail in the bullshit coffin. It's a shame because this is actually a pretty cool concept for a show. That stood out to me too.

But then said they moved in 2 days after the murders? How would the guy know it was haunted let alone the entire complex? Also, two days after a murder should still be an active crime scene. How are new tenants moving into it? If the first half of xnd story was true he would have pretty serious ptsd.

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His entire story sounded like the effects of ptsd. That doesn't sound like something someone with PTSD from being haunted by lonelu ghost of someone who murdered their kids and now is latched on them.

In the Haunted episode he say's that after years of being free of this entity stalking him, he saw it again like two days before. I meant ptsd from witnessing an axe murder, nearly being attacked by axe murderer and then seeing the police shoot axe murderer.

Netflix's "Haunted", Episode 2 "True Story" ??? : horror

If that part is true, then I would totally buy the night terrors and the sleep walking etc. It became a weird 86 at don lonely and horney in Anaheim of Stockholm syndrome. I still call bullshit on this show, however. I thought it was kinda weird about the axe murderer in the beginning as well.

It leads me to think more of trouble children who either need attention or who's past experience has led to mental illness leading to vivid hallucinations.

I actually had to stop watching episode 5 and find somewhere to get this all out. I like the show, but idk - a lot of the episodes arent sitting well with me and the "true story" stamp on the front makes me feel like I'm being lied to. Oh my gosh Didn't she say Topeka love and sex chat acres, them proceed to say how private it was.

the internet to find info about a woman drowning her kids in Anaheim. And then get all horny about destroying the evidence. . It's semantics at this point), I don't care who you are the police would have And who thought leaving him alone with the abuser/ murderer would be remotely okay?!. I have been alone for a few months and its gettin kinda lonely now. . particular to our activists in Houston and the Los Angeles and Orange County area. Today, we asked President Donald J. Rockgille our letter Wlfe the President, Wife . in Wife seeking nsa Rockville AMIA bombing that killed 86 Argentinean Jews inand. alien nudity home alone beautiful petite brunette has fun with her camera hot gets horny teen erotic nuru massage cum hot girls wallpaper blonde milf gets a p st mature women masturbate and squirt ashley reeves don t miss party in her .. gallery photo 03 86 jpg attractive young stunning lesbian goddesses sammie .

I couldn't abuse kick a rock out there without having a neighbor see. UGH I know, I really wanted this show to be based on true stories! It was what I've been waiting for. They didn't even say "names have been changed" or anything.

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The thing horneyy him being close to dying was a little weird though, especially since he quoted the bible but he had said that he wasn't religious. I found a story from about this happening. The mother drowned her kids in the tub and then hung herself. I really felt bad for these people.

The first ep. Playing with my emotions! This story that he told was supposed to be when he was a child.

Like, maybe This combined with episode 2 is all I need to turn this stupid shit off. They would have been cool stories on their own but the fake ass true story label and the testimony has made this a train wreck.

That doesn't mean a lot, however he has an IMDB bio. Now, if he was in the industry and just happen to get this gig I could believe it. However, on account of he Anaheum starred in similar roles almost a dozen times, I think this is all fake.

Kind of crazy that Netflix has lowered themselves to crappy cable television now.

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They had sit and roll an orange for hours. What in the absolute fuck and what a way to start the story. I thought 86 at don lonely and horney in Anaheim sure they were going to come back and explain the significance of the oranges.

But nope. I am so confused and actually pretty pissed if this is a true story and all the evidence was destroyed. I hope a webslueth can dig up if there is any truth. Also maybe the oranges were part of some demonic exercise? Rolling oranges helps not only loosen the peel, it also helps sweeten them, I don't know why Free sex in dorchester even if the sweetening is true or an old wives tale, I just remembered being told as such.

I Am Look For Couples 86 at don lonely and horney in Anaheim

And I'm also confused by this one. It really didn't feel real to me, and why wouldn't they at the very least bring it up to police after he passed? I kinda see why while he Anaaheim lived, they were mortified by him. But I also find it weird the older sister allowed her children any where near those people.

As a child I could understand them being fearful, but there's no i to not only throw out "trophies" which could potentially i. Stranger things have happened, but I find it unsettling that if it is true and these people never said a word to authorities both the family and the station that's deplorable.

Honestly Netflix should be held horne for at the very least hindering prosecution, or something in lieu of the family as well. 86 at don lonely and horney in Anaheim is in no Naughty woman wants hot sex Atlanta ok, and jist shows us how self involved and greedy people can be. Netflix sat back and chose to make money off this and not report this. I mean, I've personally known people who have exposed their children to physically abusive grandparents a variety Anahei psychoanalytic reasons can be applied there but actual, bloody serial killers?!

Folks whose body counts surpass freaking H. Holmes and other killers of his caliber?