In Place

by Jenna Schnuer on May 25, 2012

When you move from place to place every night or two, three at the most, there’s a chance you’ll start to feel untethered, like no place is home. Untethered is fine for a short time but it can become exhausting. I’ve lived untethered—though it wasn’t travel-related—and it’s not a state I enjoy. When planning this […]


The Foal Monty: A Montana Tale

by Jenna Schnuer on May 19, 2012

He had an itch. He found relief. (Click on a photo to see all the action take place as though you were right there.)

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I just needed to pick up some soy milk. That’s all. But a few minutes of talking to Breadroot Natural Food Co-op‘s volunteer cashier of the day (I didn’t get her name, will have to call back to thank her) and my day’s plans shifted. (She also suggested that my trip was a walkabout. I […]


A new John Updike cover?

by Jenna Schnuer on May 10, 2012


South Dakota’s Badlands National Park

by Jenna Schnuer on May 9, 2012

The photos (shot May 1-4) tell a small part of the story. To just barely start to really see South Dakota’s Badlands–a massive unimaginable otherworldy place–requires days of driving, hiking, and just looking. The first day is all jaw drop. After that, it’s still all jaw drop but you start to recognize the Badlands’ massive […]


Here’s looking at you, kid: the burro edition

by Jenna Schnuer on May 7, 2012

One of Custer State Park’s wild burros (just before he tried to stick his head into the car) and artist Gary Underwood’s fully domesticated pack mule in Hill City, South Dakota.


A Prairie Dog Diptych

by Jenna Schnuer on May 7, 2012


The Badlands

by Jenna Schnuer on May 2, 2012


A visit to the Corn Palace is something. A visit to the Corn Palace when the Shrine Circus is in town is something else.


At Falls Park in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

by Jenna Schnuer on April 30, 2012

Most of the parking lots sat empty. Spring and summer travelers haven’t started pulling in yet. The park, for now, belongs to the locals. As always, the Falls and the Monarch of the Plains were waiting for them. Today there was also a game of leap frog.