Begin again

by Jenna Schnuer on July 7, 2017

The plan was to live in Alaska for one year. It’s been four. (Most Alaskans will tell you that my story is nothing unusual. People come for a few months and stay for decades.) I had also figured on many (many) more posts out here. Things happened. Here’s a quick rundown since I posted on […]


Arctic Valley in Chugach State Park, Alaska

by Jenna Schnuer on January 5, 2014


Palmer Hay Flats State Game Refuge 2:24 p.m. AKST

by Jenna Schnuer on December 28, 2013


Ben and Co. at The Franklin Institute

by Jenna Schnuer on September 22, 2013



Passing Through

by Jenna Schnuer on August 30, 2013

The hawk hovered above some tall grass, its talons pointed at something on the field below. It all seemed impossible. How anything could just stop midair like that. I never saw the bird go in for the kill. That moment, the hovering, was like a movie still. A mind snapshot captured on an Interstate highway […]


A little night magic

by Jenna Schnuer on May 4, 2013

The only open seat at Wiley’s Championship Barbecue was at the end of the counter, sandwiched between a three-, six, and eight-year-old allowed the momentary freedom of sitting almost on their own, and their parents, at a table behind it. Before I could take my spot on the tall director’s chair, I had to wait […]


A Ferry Good Summer

by Jenna Schnuer on September 14, 2012

Within the first hour aboard the M/V Matanuska from Juneau to Wrangell, my fourth ferry of the summer and the second on the way back “Outside” after three months in Alaska, I saw a familiar face. “Weren’t you on the Kennicott in May? In the gift shop?” “Yeah, and I’m working in the gift shop […]



by Jenna Schnuer on September 8, 2012

Alaska’s a big show off—and rightly so. Her grand landscapes demand attention. But, a tip: now and again, shun her demands. Snag time to take in the tiny details. (Yes, a decent rule for nearly any landscape but some are easier to ignore than others.) Take, for example, the Dyea Flats. A short drive from […]

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The Other Badlands

by Jenna Schnuer on May 29, 2012

Miles of prairie stretched on either side of the highway on the drive from South Dakota up to its lesser-visited sibling up north. Blue skies backed golden grasses and, with oil trucks as my main companions on the route, I found myself crying over the area’s stark beauty. South Dakota had already captured me far […]

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I just needed to pick up some soy milk. That’s all. But a few minutes of talking to Breadroot Natural Food Co-op‘s volunteer cashier of the day (I didn’t get her name, will have to call back to thank her) and my day’s plans shifted. (She also suggested that my trip was a walkabout. I […]