The Botanist and the Missing Map

by Jenna Schnuer on May 16, 2012

One knee on the pavement, one foot on the ground, the man leaned forward, flipping through papers in a blue cardboard boot box. The corners of the box top were frayed; it was clear he’d been in and out of the box a lot. He was a thin grey-haired professor type, dapper in an outdoorsy […]


The motorcycles passed by as I was stopped for yet another photo session on the Needles Highway in Custer State Park. Both bikes were, let’s call them, sizable. The rust-colored bike was even towing a trailer. When I looped around the hairpin turn at Cathedral Spires and pulled into one of the spaces near the trailhead, […]


People Along the Way

by Jenna Schnuer on May 4, 2012

My grandfather, Sidney Friedfertig, was a talker. By the end of every restaurant meal or every stop at a store, he knew at least something, if not everything, about the waiter or store clerk. I’ll admit that as a kid I didn’t appreciate this quality in him. I found it embarrassing. Turns out I’m my […]