Begin again

by Jenna Schnuer on July 7, 2017

The plan was to live in Alaska for one year. It’s been four. (Most Alaskans will tell you that my story is nothing unusual. People come for a few months and stay for decades.) I had also figured on many (many) more posts out here. Things happened. Here’s a quick rundown since I posted on July 9, 2014: in the three weeks following, I paddled up to glaciers and through floating ice fields, camped close to bears, and was diagnosed with breast cancer. So a pretty strange three weeks.

The cancer bit consumed most of the following year. And the two years after that (though I didn’t realize the extent until quite recently). Now I’m mostly me again, somewhat changed but pretty much as I was before, and figuring out what’s next. I’m writing again, and not just because I need to write to make a living (though I do, oh do I ever) but because I actually want to write again (perhaps even more than I’ve wanted to in the past). I’m not turned inward at all times anymore. I adopted a dog. I screwed a bunch of things up along the way but I’m fixing them. And I got a bunch of other things very right. The world has changed. A lot. I miss living on the road but I’m also enjoying, to some degree, staying put (mostly for the gardening and cooking and spur-of-the-moment plans with friends). Those are the most important things. The writing silence is broken and there will be more to come. I’ve got my eye on you, America (for so many reasons).

For now, some highlights from along the way including, of course, of my now constant companion, Finch. The stories? Coming soon. 









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