Counter Intelligence from Amish Door Market in Wilmot, Ohio

by Jenna Schnuer on April 18, 2012

An occasional series in which I ask somebody behind a counter where I should go in the area. Results may vary.

Today, while paying for a sandwich (smoked turkey and swiss on whole wheat, a little mustard) at the Amish Door Market & Deli, I asked the 20-something woman behind the counter what she would recommend in the area.

“Have you been to Schmüker’s? People seem to like that,” she said. Her accent was local which, this being Amish country, sounded a bit Swiss, very German.

She didn’t offer up any details, just that people liked it. I didn’t know what Schmüker’s was. I paid for the sandwich (very tasty, by the way) and left. After a few more stops, I got on the road to Cleveland Heights to visit a friend. Along the way? Schmüker’s revealed itself.


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